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LA Oldies can be heard on 1260AM and 105.1 FM HD 2. LA Oldies will identify with the California lifestyle which will be a major theme of the radio station.

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Puzzle was a rescue dropped off at our facility in China. It was soon discovered that she was a healthy and happy puppy. Puzzle is very sweet and absolutely loves people. She is very playful with other dogs and loves to cuddle with her best friend Phoebe. She can be seen running around the rescue trying to cause adorable chaos. We love this little girl and hope you will too. Female, Corgi mix Age: approximately 4-5 months old Size: approximately 7 pounds

Amy is a sweet young girl who loves to play. She would do well in any home, but would prefer fewer cats to share her new family with. Visiting Amy is the first step in finding your best friend. Loving her is the second. Adopting her the third.

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